Care 100


Welcome to the Care 100, a first-of-its-kind list of the people doing the most to re-imagine and re-humanize our care system. You’ll find everyone from policy renegades to direct service providers, from tech entrepreneurs to documentary filmmakers. While these dynamic leaders all tackle the problems and opportunities of care in this country in vastly different ways, they share a common ethos: that care is fundamental to our collective thriving, and must be honored as such.


What if we started thinking about care - caring for kids, caring for the aging, caring for our families- not as a personal juggle, but as a broken and fixable system? For too long, we've patched the work of care together using duct tape and force of will, while neglecting to admit that this is a collective struggle that transcends sectors and economic strata. The gift of the coronavirus? It's laid bare just how broken our care system is, but also how ripe for re-design.

We believe that there are incredible opportunities to re-imagine our care system, across sectors, so that it works better for everybody, everywhere. That’s why we created the Holding Co. - a lab that partners with innovators to build care solutions and make women's and families' lives more functional, joyful, and just.

The care 100 list

This list weaves together and celebrates the dynamic people advancing the broader care system (which we all too often think of in silos, like managing the household, fighting for benefits in our workplaces, caring for our aging relatives, building community in our neighborhoods etc.). Our hope is that the list makes these folks feel honored, but also that it helps people see and be seen by new collaborators and supporters, and that it ushers in a new era of creativity and recognition for care across the country. It turns out, a lot of people don’t even see themselves as a part of the formal care system, so we had our work cut out for us.

In case you’re curious, this was our criteria:

Re-imagining the field
Anti-racist and anti-sexist  
Unapologetically joyful
Imaginative and solving real problems for real people


We are so grateful to the seven organizations—some of our favorite thinkers and doers in the field—who served as our honorary nominators on this list. They gave us so many fantastic ideas of individuals that deserved recognition, as do they.